Zoltán Kalmár Trio (Budapest)

I established my own band in 2008 with the participation of leading Hungarian jazz musicians. In this mainstream jazz trio we play our own compositions beyond jazz standards. We believe that mainly the following legendary guitarists (and their bands) had an effect on our music: Wes Montgomery, George Benson, Pat Martino and Russell Malone.

Members:   Gábor Szalay - guitar / Viktor Hárs - bass / Zoltán Kalmár - drums

New Standard (Budapest)

I invited these well known hungarian jazz musicians into this trio on the summer of 2011. Beyond our own compositions we play adaptations of jazz standards our "Own Sweet Way": modern, unique and exciting.

Members:   Márton Fenyvesi - guitar / Viktor Hárs - bass / Zoltán Kalmár - drums

Tóth Ilona Csilla Quartet (Budapest)

I play with Csilla (from Debrecen - Hungary) since 2002. She's own quartet often performs in Budapest playing mainly adaptations of jazz standards. Such legendary singers had an effect on our music like Anita O'Day, Ella Fitzgerald, Natalie Cole, Diana Krall.

Members:   Csilla Tóth Ilona - vocal / Gábor Szalay - guitar / Viktor Hárs - bass / Zoltán Kalmár - drums 


Zoltán Zakar Trio (Debrecen)

With my friends, Zoltán Zakar and Kálmán Kapusi, we have been playing in this band since 2002. Besides the compositions of Zoltán Zakar, the repertoire includes mostly our favorite jazz standards.

Members:   Zoltán Zakar - piano / Kálmán Kapusi - bass guitar / Zoltán Kalmár - drums