I was born in 1976 in Debrecen, Hungary. In my childhood first I drew, wrote poems and novels. I started to learn on classical percussions at the age of 14 in Simonffy Emil Primary Music School in Debrecen as a student of Éva Toldi. She infected me with jazz music, showing an old Oscar Peterson Trio record with Ed Thigpen on drums... 3 years later I entered Kodály Zoltán Secondary Music School. After a year, I moved to Miskolc to study economics on the university there. Of course, I still played music and practised on drums regularly. I met the great jazz drummer, Péter Szendőfi that time taking part on his course in the town and started to have private lessons from him. After a year I changed my drum teacher to Németh Gábor, who gave me lessons for eight years. Then I got the oppurtunity to study jazz drumming from Elemér Balázs. It was always swing music, I was interested in the most and I really enjoyed listening to him playing that kind of music. I would like to say here a big thank you to all of my music teachers for their conscientious work.

Following several blues, rock, pop and funky bands I played jazz musik the first time in 2001, with my musician friends in Debrecen. In 2002 I met with Zoltán Zakar, the jazz trombonist, pianist and composer who was just moving back to Debrecen from New York and we became friends very quickly. With the Zakar Trio we played regularly not only in local clubs in Debrecen, but at „Jazz Garden” and at "Budapest Jazz Club" in the capital as well. I moved to Budapest in 2008, where I established my own jazz band, Kalmár Trio. It is still an amazing experience to play with such great musicians like Gábor Szalay (guitar), Viktor Hárs (bass), Márton Fenyvesi (guitar), István Gyárfás (guitar), György Pataj (piano) and others.